• Would you like a hand with….

    Yes! If you are willing to lend a hand, then chances are we will take it. We are always in need of volunteers to help out at the festival. The biggest job is manning the collection buckets and giving out programmes on the entrances. Ideally we need 5 people doing this at a time, but needs to be done in shifts. If you find yourself with an hour spare and want to lend a hand then pop down to the organisers office next to the main stage and we will be glad to see you.

    The second biggest job, unfortunately isn’t a fun one, is cleaning up the site at the end of each day. With good weather we see around 5,000 people in the site at one time – and 5,000 people can make a lot of mess. We will take all the help we can get at the end of the event each day to have a good tidy up. We provide all the tools, just need as many hands as we can get.

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