Get Involved

Musicians & Entertainers

We are always looking for exciting and diverse acts for our stages, as static or wandering entertainment for the crowds and for possible extended evening bookings in the town’s venues after the site has closed for the day. Please contact us.


Local Businesses

Jump right in! One of the main drives of this festival is to promote local businesses. Why not take out a stall to sell produce or to raise awareness and market your business. This is a marvellous opportunity to have fun while you work – and to forge relationships with other businesses and customers in your area, not to mention some tourists, too. Don’t stay out in the cold, get involved. Please contact us or see our Advertising Opportunities page.


Stewards & Helpers

We are just a handful of local volunteers who are planning and fund-raising all year, then doing everything from helping stalls to set up, picking up litter, unblocking loos (yep, someone has to), greeting the crowd with a friendly money bucket… you get the picture. While we do have to be very careful about who gets involved, we are always short of helping hands. Don’t be shy – we’ve plenty of marigolds to go round. Please contact us.


Journalists & Media

Believe it or not we do have a national magazine journalist, a professional magazine photographer and a national magazine art director amongst the group, so we can help with any kind of material you may need to run any kind of piece on the festival. We’re here and keen to help promote this event. For any information/pix/press releases or editorials please contact us.



We don’t need to tell you how wonderful this festival is. How popular, well attended and much anticipated it is. Colourful, creative , well organised… The crowd pictures in the gallery speak volumes. As a flexible bunch of ‘doers’ we are open to discussing any number of imaginative (or conventional) forms of marketing and sponsorship. Why not come along and meet us at this year’s festival? We may even let you backstage… we have tea/coffee making facilities and a chemical toilet. Tempted? Please contact us for more information.