Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, join in and enjoy the fun.

There are some performances from groups of little ones and at these times we ask only family members of the performers take photos but otherwise go for it.

We do have several professional photographers that work with us and will be covering the event. Many of their photos will be on this website shortly after the event too. If you would like to use any of these images for press or marketing purposes please do get in touch first so we can clear everything, but generally speaking it shouldn’t be a problem.

No drone’s please… no matter how much fun they are… that’s not a news story we want, sorry.

All but the last one. Bring along anything you like to get into the festival spirit. The thing we don’t want anybody doing is setting up anything that could cause any damage or that will block the view of other festivalgoers. Chairs, small tents, umbrellas (for the sun, of course) that’s all fine. But anything that could catch the wind and fly away (it’s an insurance thing) is a no-no.

Send them to our website and ask them to fill in the band application form and we will get in touch.

Give it time and all will be revealed. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any special announcements. Once the programme is finalised we will publish it under the news section – usually a week or two before the event. Of course things change and there might be some last minute adjustments, but for the sake of our stages’ team’s sanity we hope not too many.

We want to, really we do. However several different waste management contractors have all informed us that it isn’t a good idea for two big reasons. The first is that if we were to put out dedicated recycling bins and then one member of the public puts the wrong thing in the wrong bin (which, lets face it, is bound to happen) then we will get a hefty fine for a contaminated bin and the second is because of the (relatively) small amount of waste the festival generates the cost of having separate collections for different waste streams would be very high.

Therefore if you can, we would encourage all visitors to take any recycleable waste home with you at the end of the day. It helps us out, but most importantly it helps out the squirrels and the rest of mother nature’s little critters.

You would think the answer to this one would be obvious but some people fail to grasp it each year, so what better than an FAQ post to help them out :). We position wheelie bins all around the site for you to use and the lovely team at Biffa come in each day to empty them for us but it would be quite a big help if you can make sure any waste either goes in the bins or is bagged and placed next to the large 1100L bins near the entrances/exits and the bar area.

Our hard working team of litter pickers also request that you please make sure you bin all bottle tops/caps. After a few hundred people have walked over them they are very difficult to get out of the soil!

Yes! If you are willing to lend a hand, then chances are we will take it. We are always in need of volunteers to help out at the festival. The biggest job is manning the collection buckets and giving out programmes on the entrances. Ideally we need 5 people doing this at a time, but needs to be done in shifts. If you find yourself with an hour spare and want to lend a hand then pop down to the organisers office next to the main stage and we will be glad to see you.

The second biggest job, unfortunately isn’t a fun one, is cleaning up the site at the end of each day. With good weather we see around 5,000 people in the site at one time – and 5,000 people can make a lot of mess. We will take all the help we can get at the end of the event each day to have a good tidy up. We provide all the tools, just need as many hands as we can get.

Smoking is permitted in the outdoor areas of the site but please remember a few things: there are lots of children present so lets not all stand round in a big group smoking like a chimney setting a bad example and also please dispose of butts in an appropriate way – ideally in a bin. We don’t enjoy picking up thousands of fag butts each evening, but it always seems to happen.

The indoor areas (bar, tea tent, traders tent, toddlertainment, backstage areas) are all no smoking please.

No. No glass at all on the festival site please.

Everyone comes to Tentertainment to have a good time and we appreciate people have different budgets, but we do ask that you please purchase food and drink from our selection of stallholders and the festival bar rather than bringing your own in. That said we aren’t going to be party poopers and stop you bringing in your own stuff. Just please remember that although admission is free the festival costs over £30,000 to put on every year and we make a large chunk of this money back, through a profit split relationship with stallholders. If you do bring your own food and drink in the least we can ask is that you put a donation in the buckets to help keep the festival free.

Bring a public park you are welcome to bring dogs with you, however please do keep them on a lead and make sure you clean up after them, disposing of any ‘presents’ in one of the many bins around the site. Also please remember there will be lots of people around and a large number of children so please only bring good natured dogs along.

Unfortunately there is no public parking on the site itself. There is a small pay and display car pack next to the site on Recreation Ground Road but that only holds around 10 cars so quickly fills up. See our About the Venue page for more information about car parking.

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